Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My First Blog

Steve and Harry's "Conversations With My Dummy" podcast

This first blog of mine gives you an overview of my work and interests in life. As this blog carries on I'll be writing about each subject at greater length. 
When someone writes my biography after I'm dead they'll look for an overriding theme. I'm about to make their life easier. 
My struggle is about uncovering layers of deception to get at essential truths. I do this playfully as well as seriously. My favorite routines as a ventriloquist, is to make a doll (or voice characterization if it's a radio show or podcast) appear real and then bursting the bubble of the allusion. I always loved sitcoms when the camera pulls back revealing the set the show is being shot on. Or when the star breaks character and turns to address the audience. I do this a lot in my stage act and on radio. 
As a stage magician I create miracles even as the audience knows it's a trick. 
As an author, my book, Pooja and the Wooden Detective, has as a leitmotif the uncovering of what's real and what isn't, Nothing is what it appears to be. The man murdered fakes his death. The android is indistinguishable from a human. Steve Dubois talks to his dummy, Dicky, as if he's real etc. More on this in another blog.
As a longtime Buddhist meditator, I investigate my mind. Not the mind's empty constructions, but what is the mind itself.
I love physics. As scientists learn more about the universe, they're understanding our world is an allusion, not as a metaphor, but in actuality. Quantum mechanics, Einstein's Law of Relativity, all delve deeply into these issues. What's real, what isn't? 
Biocentrism is a subject investigated by Dr. Robert Lanza and Bob Berman. This is the theory that reality is not "out there" but only exists inside our minds. 
All of these subjects I'll discuss in more detail as time goes by (or does time go by? Does time even exist?). 
But that doesn't mean there's no time for pure silliness, or joking around. 
As I say to Harry in my act: Remember, we are but dust.

And Harry asks: What's butt dust?

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